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 The Rules
J.M. Barrie
 Posted: Jun 28 2015, 10:36 PM
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So it might seem somewhat obvious to people that there has to be rules. However, I don't like droning, so I'm just going to make this as short, sweet and to the point as I can! We have 10 simple rules on here...follow them and you will have a blast on here.
1. When you register, first register with your OOC parent account with proper capitalization. For example: J. M. Barrie or H.P. Lovecraft. This should be your alias, as it makes it easier for us to pm you on your OOC account. Then, register with your character account and link it to your parent account as a subaccount. When you register your character account, please use first and last name and proper capitalization. Example: Peter Pan, Wendy Darling, Prince Christian Charming etc. If you register incorrectly, just let an admin know and we will fix your username for you.
2. How about not godmodding, right? Because there really isn't anything more rude and irritating than someone trying to play a character that isn't their's - without permisson, of course.
3. This website is rated mature, so please keep that in mind. Members must be older than 13 years of age. If mature content bothers you, I suggest you find another site. That being said, we are not a premium board so we do ask that you both tag mature topics and fade to black, or end the thread before there is any graphic content. We also ask that if a prospective member or member has a particular trigger they'd like to see avoided, they let an admin know so we can address it.
4. Please don't advertise anywhere outside of the advertising forum - it's guest friendly, and advertising through private messages is O-U-T.
5. There is no specified word count here, but please do your very best to match your partner's posts - it's really the least you can do, because I know if I crank out a post that's got 1,000 words, and I get a 200-word reply, I tend to be pretty disappointed.
6. When it comes to graphics the rules are simple, follow the mini-profile guidelines and don't stretch the board if you make a signature. The avatar size set by our mini profile is 200x300. There is also a gif within the mini-profile and that should be no larger than 150x150.
7. Your play-by needs to be human (the only exception being certain non-human magical creatures) - no manga, no anime. Celebrities, models, musicians etc. are preferred. Just keep in mind the type of characters found on this site and in this world when picking playbys.
8. Alright, we know that everyone wants an active site. So, to try and maintain activity we will make this simple. All members are expected to post at least one time every three weeks. We'd like to see members posting weekly, but we do understand that sometimes people get busy. If we feel that activity has been low, we will send you a pm as a warning.
9. There will be no bullying, harassment, stalking, trolling, disrespect, discrimination or hate speeches directed towards any individuals on this site. No exceptions. This is a place that is supposed to be fun and a place to enjoy time. Not a place to feel uncomfortable. This applies to the admins as well. Here we treat everyone like a person, and we aren't above any of the members. If you ever have a problem with someone not respecting you contact an admin and we will handle it.
10. Please refrain from posting anywhere on the forum until your character has been reviewed and accepted by an admin.
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