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 Magic Information, information on how magic works on FTRH
J.M. Barrie
 Posted: Jun 29 2015, 12:08 AM
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  • “Howling ghosts – they reappear In mountains that are stacked with fear But you're a king and I'm a lionheart”

Magic is an important of part of Find The Rabbit Hole. So, it is important that the type of magic and magical creatures found here are known and understood, as well as the laws that the dying king had set in motion during his reign.

First and foremost, magic and magical creatures have been banned from within the walls of the capital city, Faldor. Anyone who was caught harboring a magical creature or a human being possessing or performing magic, has been outlawed and most outlaws have ended up as far from Faldor as possible in Danthor, where Prince Christian has been more compassionate and accepting, in the Magical Forest of Carpathia, where many of the creatures have always lived, or in other lands.

Magic on From The Rabbit Hole is a very large category on Find The Rabbit Hole, as each fairy tale features different types of magic. However, we are going to give you some guidelines to make things more uniform here.

Magical Beings: There are all sorts of magical beings found on Find The Rabbit Hole. However, these beings will either be living within the forests near Carpathia, where Giants and other creatures are known to live...or hiding in one of the other territories outside the capital city, Faldor. They may also live in other lands and territories. This, of course, would depend on the type of magical creature. Human creatures, possessing magical abilities like druids, witches and warlocks, can easily blend in...while magical creatures like dragon shapeshifters, centaurs, giants, dwarves, elves and halflings can't blend in quite so easily. There also magical creatures that are strictly from other territories and lands, like fairies and mermaids within Neverland.

Here on Find The Rabbit Hole, we allow members to create their own races and set the precedents that they want. Once a precedent is set, an admin can add it to this information for others who may want to make a creature of that race.

Here is some basic information on the races we expect or already have on site:

Druids: Druids are human beings born with magic, usually born of another druid. Magic is the Druid's very religion and they tend to live in Danthor, isolated from those who fear magic. Their magic is typically white magic, used for positive purposes, like healing. Druids are born with magic, however, they still need to be taught to use it and control it, which is why they live together where the elders can teach the young Druids how to use their magic. Many Druids were killed by the current, dying king when he banned magic. Those who survived have attempted to rebuild their life in Danthor, under Prince Christian's protection.

Witches and Warlocks: Witches and Warlocks are human beings who have willingly taken up magic. They are not born with magic, like Druids, but depend upon magical items to help them perform magic or create magical potions. Witches and Warlocks choose whether to partake in white magic or black magic, making themselves either good or evil, based upon how you look at it. Witches and Warlocks have been persecuted and hunted more than Druids, as the Dark Witches and Warlocks are the very reason for the dying king's ban on magic.

Magical Creatures: If you can think it, you can create it. Most magical creatures, unless not specified to live in Neverland or Wonderland (ex: fairies and mermaids) reside in the dense forest outside of Carpathia. These creatures can be anything from Giants to Dragons. I will lay out the known Carpathian creatures below, but if you have an idea not listed here, feel free to pm an admin and we will gladly discuss adding it for you.

    Dragons: Dragons are greedy creatures who typically live within caves or forests. While there are dragons found in Far, Far Away...most of them have blended in with the dragon shifters. Dragons themselves are NPC, as dragons cannot speak and do not have a human form. However, FTRH does have dragon shifters, which are playable.

    Dragon Shifters: Any dragons on this site will fit into this category. They are shapeshifters and can take a human form, but can only maintain it for 3 days before they have to return to their dragon form for a few hours. If they do not return to their dragon form, they can and will die. The Carpathian Dragons are humanistic creatures who live in packs, or families and can be very compassionate. Their underlying dragon trait is greed, as most are motivated by greed. There are many different clans of dragon shapeshifters within the Carpathian Forest. However, these shifters are rare, having been hunted and/or enslaved by the Giants for the past 10 years, beginning with the Allaway clan (which aside from 1 has been completely wiped out). Each clan has a distinct eye color which separates them from the others. When in human form, dragon shifters look like typical humans, aside from their bright, oddly colored eyes. When in dragon form, shifters look like full size dragons (depending upon their age) and are able to fly and breathe fire. Dragons shifters may also speak, where traditional dragons cannot.
    Current Dragon Shifters:
    Raelyn Allaway - red eyes

    Other Shifters: Right now, other shifters are fair game on this site. However, we do not allow half-forms. This is to keep things balanced. Shfiters either have to be fully human or entirely in their animal form. They do not have a demi-form.

    Giants: Giants are much like those of stories and legends. They are large creatures, thought to be stupid and witless. However, most Giants are actually quite intelligent and they are violent, only to protect themselves as human's perceptions of them has caused them to be hunted time in and time out. Giants can stand anywhere from 10 feet tall, to 15 feet tall, with the tallest ever recorded standing at a whopping 20 feet tall.

    Dwarves: Dwarves are creatures known to be wonderful miners and builders. They are short, stocky and hairy creatures. They have been known to help out in the mines of Valthan, for a price. Most dwarves desire magic, and therefore long for the magical items found within the mines. Dwarves tend to live in caves or underground caverns that they have built for themselves within the forest.

    Halflings: Halflings are very much like the hobbits of Tolkien. They are small creatures who love nothing more than to keep to themselves. They enjoy good food and company. However, most shy away from adventurous or dangerous situations, choosing instead to keep to themselves and enjoy a life of isolation and comfort. There are a few who enjoy a good story and will venture away from societal norms, but for the most part halflings do not want trouble and simply long for eventual acceptance into Far, Far Away society. For now, they live in small homes on hills or in clearings within the forest.

    Elves: Elves are beautiful and immortal creatures. They are typically taller than most humans, standing at roughly 6-8 feet tall. Elves have pointed ears and beautiful pale, unblemished skin. Most of the elves found within Valthan's dense forest are woodelves, known for their hunting prowess and skill with a bow. They are innovative and self-sufficient being one of the oldest races in Far, Far Away. Many of them have consulted and assisted the Charming Princes, despite the king's hatred of magical creatures. They are diplomatic beings and can be very helpful when approached properly.

    Werewolves: Werewolves are creatures that were originally wolf-shifters who were cursed by witches and forced to take the shape of a wolf on the three nights surrounding the full moon. During the transformation their human form becomes a prisoner inside the wolf. The human is unable to speak, communicate, or in any way control the wolf, leaving the wolf to its instinctual animalistic tendencies, whether that's murdering, hunting, or whatever else it desires. The wolf will even kill the human's best friend because it doesn't have the ability to recognize them due to the lack of connection between the wolf and human minds during the forced changed.

    Fairies: Though fairies that reside in Neverland are typically of minuscule size, there are fairies of all sorts and sizes that live in the land of the Fae. They are generally human-sized and have the ability to retract their wings to hide from humans and other creatures. Additionally, they are generally benevolent creatures. They are considered to the be the protector's of nature and all things good, but that is not to say some haven't been corrupted over the years.

These are just a sampling of the magical races that can be created on Find The Rabbit Hole. If you do not see something you like, please pm an admin. and we will more than likely add it for you.

Magical Beings from Uncharted Territory: The magical beings located within the Uncharted Territory are listed below, alongside their location.As new Uncharted Territories are created, we will add to this list. More information on these beings can be found in both the Neverland and Wonderland information.

    Mermaid - The Mermaid Lagoon (Neverland)
    Fairies - Pixie Hollow (Neverland)
    Shapeshifters - Various Locations (Wonderland)
    The Jabberwocky - The Queen of Heart's Court (Wonderland)
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