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 if we hit on troubled water, tag: barrie | christian
King Declan Charming
 Posted: Jan 21 2018, 02:50 PM
  • Royalty (30)
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  • “all this bad blood here won't you let it dry? it's been cold for years won't you let it lie?”

We're living different lives Heaven only knows If we'll make it back —
5 weeks after the assassination attempt “Your Majesty, please reconsider.” “Don’t you understand? If I don’t go, they win.” They came for him with their poisoned arrows bewitched to find their target, only for them to fail because they assumed that everyone had hatred in their hearts. Failing to take into consideration the selfless bravery of one young man. They buried that same young man. (His name was Philip. How poetic.) And his family mourned him — mourns him still. It’s been weeks since the funeral, since the death, yet the assassin and his accomplices had not been found. And they’d been waiting and waiting in both fear and anger. Until the day finally came for the scheduled royal tour to begin. Declan had insisted since day one that it continues as planned, his counsel agreed. They were confident the fugitives would be found in time… only they weren’t. One by one, he and his wife passed through every duchy. (Rose insisted she come, despite Declan’s protests. If he was going to invite danger, then she would be there to watch his back.) Each time, the King reassured his people of the future, of the plans to remedy broken bridges, and that the assassin - God save his soul - and his cowardly attempt at the King’s life changed nothing. One by one, his brothers made their thoughts known. And one by one, Declan had to remind them that this was the best they could do with the hand they were dealt, that he knew what he was doing, that he was their King and not the other way around. While the people cheered in Malthandia, the people’s praise grew less and less the further south the royal party traveled. It was to be expected, his council reassured him. (He knew that. Of course, he knew that. He wasn’t a fool. He knew that the wounds his father had left behind were still fresh.) Carpathia was still torn from the ongoing war with the giants. (A peace treaty must be arranged.) And Valthan was infamous for its black market wares. (Regularization of magical items.) Lastly, there was Danthor. Poor, rural, decrepit Danthor who gave sanctuary to druids since the day King Philip outlawed magic. And they just received information that one such person who sought sanctuary was the assassin.
tag: @J.M. Barrie notes: hope this works! leaving the setup to how he's received to you <3
Prince Christian Charming
 Posted: Feb 8 2018, 08:18 PM
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  • “You're a King and I'm Your Lionheart”
J.M. Barrie

Christian was mild mannered and well loved in Danthor. He had provided sanctuary for Druids within the land since his arrival and his hands on approach to his people made him well-loved. He was involved in the lives of those who lived in the squalor and strife of Danthor. He suffered with them, in some ways, as he got to know them and felt their losses. He understood what they experienced and did what he could to ease their suffering. While Danthor was a sad and poor land, Christian did his best to manage it. He had made small progress, getting some people jobs and he was working with Adrian to find a way to create some commerce between Danthor and Valthan, hoping that would assist those in Danthor and provide jobs and a way of life that Danthor had yet to see.

As of now, however, Danthor’s economy revolved around the Druids and their culture and cures. Christian owed his life to one of the Druids and he never forgot it. She had been unable to cure his eyes, but he was alive because of her and he had hope. That had to mean something. At least, Christian thought it did. Hell, he was head over heels in love with Lior, knowing she was a Druid and even finding her an elder within Danthor to work with her and attempt to train her. So, Christian embraced the Druids within Danthor and he did not fear walking among them.

However, word of the assassination attempt on his brother had spread, even here. So, naturally when word that the king arrived reached Christian, the youngest prince could only sigh. He then sent his guards out to bring Declan to the palace, his palace. He may not be king, but his people were loyal to him. They were not cruel to his brother, their king, not outwardly, but many retreated to their homes with fear. Fear. That is what Danthor held for kings. King Phillip had created that fear and the people here in Danthor did not yet know what to make of Declan, for they did not know what direction he would go. They did not know if the assassination would cause blame to fall on them all. So, they retreated to their homes, peeking out their windows and watching him with nervous eyes. Those who remained outside, kept working, stopping to show respect to the king but saying very little. They respected Christian enough not to speak out of fear or act out of fear, but they still demonstrated that fear. Fear that had existed for a long while, 8 years to be exact, ever since Phillip became king and magic had been banned. That fear had only been exacerbated by the assassination. One of them had done it, but they all feared the repercussions, they all feared that their prince and duke would be unable to protect them and that they would suffer for the rogue assassin.

Christian waited for his guards to bring his brother to him. He would have to explain the greeting he knew his people had given, a cold greeting. He would have to speak as not only a brother, but a diplomat for his people. He understood their fear. He had built their trust and protected them. He wasn’t going to stop now. Yes, the assassin had been from here, but so had his savior and his love, Lior. They were not defined by the assassination attempt and he needed his brother to understand that, while also understanding the fear that the people held for a king they did not know and feared would prove just like his father.

Honestly, Christian was annoyed Declan had gone through with this royal tour. Hell, he was annoyed he’d come here. He understood as King, he overall ruled Danthor and had more power than Christian, but the people trusted Christian. They didn’t know Declan to trust him. This assassination attempt didn’t help matters. It brought more fear for the people. Christian wished he’d had enough warning to speak with his people, to prepare them. He hadn’t. By the time the message got to him, his brother was on his way and he had no time to assemble the people. Hell, he barely had enough time to prepare his household. Danthor was small, as was Christian’s own household and palace. It was not as lavish as the others for it had only what the territory could provide. In winter, the palace was full of the people, the people Christian could afford to house and keep from freezing to death. In the summer, the palace was less crowded. Either way, it was a lot less lavish than the large castle in Faldor….or any of his brother’s homes for that matter.

Christian trusted his people, but he wanted his brother in the palace. He wanted him safe. The assassin was out there and while Christian knew most of his people would never do anything to harm Declan, for Christian more than anything else, he knew that the assassin was brazen. He would have his guard seek the man, alongside Declan’s men. However, right now his concern was bringing his brother inside where the guards could ensure he truly was safe, even if the Druids among the guard may do so begrudgingly, anxiously.

Christian waited for his brother in the meeting room, a room with chairs assembled around a small table. This is where Christian met his advisors. This is where he met his people when they needed him to hear their needs. This was where there’d be a throne room if this was a separate kingdom. However, it was not. So, this was a meeting room. A room where those inside were usually on equal footing and where Christian would listen to their needs and address them.

When Christian heard the door open, Christian turned his head toward the door. “Your Highness, Your Majesty, King Declan has been brought here, as you requested.” Athena, Piper’s dragon-shifter friend and one of his most loyal guards, announced to Christian, before opening the door once more to permit Declan to enter.

“Brother?” Christian could not see, but he could hear his brother’s footsteps enter after Athena. His were heavier, as he was larger than the female guard. Though, Christian knew size did not always equal strength, especially as Athena was much stronger than she looked and he doubted she would leave the room unless asked. “Athena, you may leave us and wait outside with Piper.” Piper, Christian knew, was already outside the door. He was never far from Christian, especially not since Wonderland. He did not seem to trust Christian without him nearby.

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