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 I Keep You Safe, You Keep Me Strong, Adrian's Development
Prince Adrian Charming
 Posted: Oct 8 2015, 10:33 PM
  • Royalty (19)
  • The Frog Prince/Swan Lake
  • Valthan
  • “Oh please, don't ask me how I've been, don't make me play pretend”

Prince Adrian Charming
 Posted: May 8 2016, 02:00 PM
  • Royalty (19)
  • The Frog Prince/Swan Lake
  • Valthan
  • “Oh please, don't ask me how I've been, don't make me play pretend”

Adrian Elliott Charming
~A Playlist~
It's only me who can forgive me
dead or in serious trouble
kaiser chiefs
"Scars on his face and a stone in the place where his heart would previously beat. Travelling even faster in the wake of disaster and reaching at you from the bleak."
did you hear the rain?
george ezra
"Did you hear the rain? Oh, the rain? You can try & run & hide. Tearing at the chain. Means I’m coming home again."
no hope
the vaccines
"Well, I wish that I was comfortable in my own skin, but the whole thing feels like an exercise in trying to be someone I would rather not be."
i'm not sorry
the pigeon detectives
"I'll never take it back. I'll never take it back. I didn't mean to make you cry. I'm not sorry. No, I'm not sorry."
learnt my lesson well
kaiser chiefs
"I can tell you now, there ain't a problem can't be solved with a good old fashioned row. So grit your teeth and stand your ground. "
open road
roo panes
"Let me out of this cage, before I swell up with rage. Let me sing to old age before I'm done. Let me shout to the skies that I'm too young to die. And that fate will never stop me from trying. "
master pretender
first aid kit
"I always knew that I was young, but with a head held high and a sharp tongue, I could fool almost anyone. I never expected to be struck by the fatal hands of fortune or by sheer bad luck. "
last hope
"And the salt in my wounds isn't burning anymore than it used to. It's not that I don't feel the pain, it's just I'm not afraid of hurting anymore."
a maker of my time
the paper kites
"I still stir, such a war of words, I'm a maker of my time. A feeble man with a broken plan. Oh, I'm loathing."
wall of arms
the maccabees
"Oh, from the seed they've grown me. And I thank those, those who kept me company. They are a wall of arms around me. Oh, it is they who are my army."
my body is a cage
arcade fire
"My body is a cage that keeps me from dancing with the one I love. But my mind holds the key. I'm standing on a stage of fear and self-doubt. It's a hollow play but they'll clap anyway."
Prince Adrian Charming
 Posted: Apr 15 2017, 02:56 PM
  • Royalty (19)
  • The Frog Prince/Swan Lake
  • Valthan
  • “Oh please, don't ask me how I've been, don't make me play pretend”

Like The Dawn
~The Oh Hellos
"You were the brightest shade of sun I had ever seen
Your skin was gilded with the gold of the richest kings
And like the dawn you woke the world inside of me."
Dead Sea
~The Lumineers
"I've been down, I've been defeated
You're the message, I will heed it.
Would you stay,
Would you stay the night?
Dead Sea,
You told me I was like the Dead Sea
I never sink when you are with me
Oh, Lord, I'm your Dead Sea"
Tear In My Heart
~Twenty One Pilots
"Sometimes you gotta bleed to know
That you’re alive and have a soul
But it takes someone to come around
To show you how
She’s the tear in my heart, I’m alive
She’s the tear in my heart, I’m on fire
She’s the tear in my heart
Take me higher
Than I’ve ever been"
"Take the worst situations
Make a worse situation
Follow me home, pretend you
Found somebody to mend you
I feel numb, I feel numb in this kingdom
I feel numb, I feel numb in this kingdom"
The One
"Tell me,
Tell me that you want me,
And I’ll be yours completely
For better or for worse.
I know,
We’ll have our disagreements,
Be fighting for no reason.
I wouldn’t change it for the world."
Various Storms & Saints
~Florence + the Machine
"I know it seems like forever
I know it seems like an age
But one day this will be over
I swear it's not so far away

But still you stumble, feet give way
Outside the world seems a violent place"
Animal Fear
~Marika Hackman
"Look into my eyes
And convince us both
That I'll last through the night
I could land on my feet if I tried
I never jumped a chasm so wide
And made it to the opposite side
Even now, as we are, standing here
I can see the doubt in your eyes
I can smell the animal fear"
Heavy Heart
~Gabrielle Aplin
"Saw you staring into nothing
In the silence something's screaming
I know you're trying but there's nothing you can say
I feel better in the morning
When all my troubles lose their meaning
Let go, there's nothing you can change
I know it hurts to watch me bleeding
Can't tell you what I'm needing
We can't stop the river rising"
~The Vaccines
"Please don't turn the light out
I don't think the conversation's over
Don't just shut your eyes closed
Not until I get it off my chest
Have you turned a corner?
Do you think of leaving me behind?"
~The Maccabees
"Thought I'd find it easier
Under lock, chain and key
Thought I'd find it easier
To just keep you to me
When the wisdom and the patience
Of the world's wasted on me
That's when I shut down my relationships
Watch them floating out to sea"
You Win Some
~The Rifles
"But you can't have the world
You couldn't take the weight, anyway
And everything we are,
It only matters for today
And yesterday is over and it won't be back again
But there's beauty in tomorrow
If it means that I can change and I can change"
~Gabrielle Aplin
"So walk away from your pride
It’s a demon in disguise
And it won’t help you to calm the swelling tide
Show me that you’re human, you won’t break
Oh, love your flaws and live for your mistakes"
"All of your flaws and all of my flaws
Are laid out one by one
Look at the wonderful mess that we made
We pick ourselves undone"
Vitamin C
~Clean Cut Kid
"If the sun don't rise like it's supposed to
You built a wall it won't let me get close to you
I'm gonna' be your Vitamin C
Build you back up the way you used to be"
~The Hoosiers
"Take that sharp, sharp tongue of yours
And cut me in two,
I'll attack from both sides
And hide under your skin,
Because I need you.
Don't make me cry, it's bad enough
I made it hell for all of us.
What's it like being glorious?"
~The Big Moon
"You let me heal your battle scars
Run my ship to ground
Yeah nothing's gonna' take me down
Give me everything you got
Let your heart beat loud
Yeah nothing could turn me round
I am not invisible
I'm on your side
I'll be formidable"
"If you want a second to breathe
I'll give you all of my love
I'll give you all that you need
Don't worry
I'm not in a hurry
Not going nowhere"
Keeping Your Head Up
"Times that I've seen you lose your way
You're not in control and you won't be told
All I can do to keep you safe is hold you close
Hold you close til you can breathe on your own"
Can’t Pretend
~Tom Odell
"Love, I have wounds,
Only you can mend,
You can mend.
I guess that's love,
I can't pretend,
I can't pretend."
When I Fall In Love
~Nat King Cole
"When I give my heart it will be completely
Or I'll never give my heart
And the moment I can feel that you feel that way too
Is when I fall in love with you."
Prince Adrian Charming
 Posted: Jun 15 2017, 04:30 PM
  • Royalty (19)
  • The Frog Prince/Swan Lake
  • Valthan
  • “Oh please, don't ask me how I've been, don't make me play pretend”

adrian's timeline

Adrian is born.

midsummer; 3 years old
Christian is born.

4 years old
Adrian begins to spend virtually all his time with his little brother.

autumn; 11 years old
Queen Elizabeth dies after a riding accident and magic is banned in Far, Far Away.

midwinter; 13 years old
His father readies Adrian to move out to Valthan, a move Adrian stubbornly pushes back for as long as he can so he and Chris aren't split up.

autumn; 13 years old
Adrian moves out to Valthan and begins active running of the duchy.

midwinter; 18 years old
Adrian is cursed and turned into a frog to serve as punishment to King Philip for wrongfully executing the witch's parents. He decides to leave Valthan and travel alone to find a cure. Christian is pushed from a tower, nearly dies and is blinded.

midwinter - midsummer; 18 years old
Adrian travels around various kingdoms seeking a cure. He hears of his brothers' search for him but refuses to make himself known. He discovers Rothbart's lands and Odile frees him from his frog form through a kiss. Adrian stays with her for four nights to recover before leaving to return to Far, Far Away.

late midsummer; 18 years old
Upon returning to Far, Far Away, Adrian discovers the curse isn't fully broken, he is now forced to transform whenever he lets his temper flare. He spends his first night back at Faldor with Christian and the next day the decree is announced. Feeling betrayed by Christian's lack of support, he leaves immediately for Valthan, deciding to go into competition for the throne.

early autumn; 18 years old
After transforming mid-battle, Adrian's council decides to not allow him to partake in any future conflicts for his and his men's safety.

early midwinter; 18 years old
Adrian overhears a conversation of his war council in which one of his lords calls him 'unhinged'.

midwinter; 19 years old
Adrian refuses any kind or celebration or even acknowledgement of his birthday, not wanting to put himself as the centre of attention where there would be a perfect opportunity to mock him.

late winter; 19 years old
Adrian transforms in front of Declan for the first time at a trade meeting. Adrian reunites with Odile and he offers his home as her home indefinitely. She becomes Lady Odile and enters life at Valthan amongst a whirlwind of rumour. Odile helps Adrian prevent his transformations and following a fight, Odile promises to wage war with Adrian and he asks her to run Valthan with him. Odile becomes co-ruler of Valthan and its unofficial Duchess. Adrian has an argument with Chris in Valthan forest, in which Adrian continues his goal of being a cruel to him as possible in revenge for his betrayal.

early spring; 19 years old
Adrian and Odile attend Declan and Rose's wedding in secret whilst Adrian is in frog form. A few days later, they receive news of Chris' kidnapping by the Jabberwocky and following a breakdown, Adrian agrees to meet and reconcile with his brothers. Later deciding to sneak off alone and puposefully gets caught alongside Chris. Whilst imprisoned and tortured together in Wonderland, Chris and Adrian make up.

mid-spring; 19 years old
Chris is freed from the Jabberwocky after being exchanged with Raelyn. Adrian is then later rescued and brought home to Valthan by Raelyn, where his brother's are waiting. Whilst in Wonderland, he decided to end his tirade and now begins trying to repair the bridges he burnt.

early summer; 19 years old
The Charmings gather in Faldor after the King takes a turn for the worst. The brothers are around his bedside as their father dies and Adrian finally comes to terms with forgiving his father for his part in his curse.

midsummer; 19 years old
Shortly after the King's death, Chris' 16th brithday arrives. Still altogether in Faldor, Adrian waits up until midnight before waking Chris like they both used to do on each other's birthdays. The two then spend the night messing about like they did as children.

late summer; 19 years old
Now returned home from Faldor, Adrian decides to propose to Odile by the fountain which reminds them both of how they met. She says yes and the newly engaged couple decide to keep the announcement quiet until they find a good time, but thanks to a certain guard, soon enough most of Valthan knows the news.

early autumn; 19 years old
Adrian, Odile, and a party from Valthan travel to Faldor for Declan's coronation. Whilst staying at the palace a little longer, they are there when word reaches Faldor of Princess Poppy's arrest in Veroma. With Adrian immediately volunteering to head up a rescue party, Declan and Rose help him and Odile to get together a workable plan that will keep them as safe as they can manage.

Prince Adrian Charming
 Posted: Jun 15 2017, 04:33 PM
  • Royalty (19)
  • The Frog Prince/Swan Lake
  • Valthan
  • “Oh please, don't ask me how I've been, don't make me play pretend”

Prince Adrian Charming
 Posted: Jun 15 2017, 04:40 PM
  • Royalty (19)
  • The Frog Prince/Swan Lake
  • Valthan
  • “Oh please, don't ask me how I've been, don't make me play pretend”

the common frog
Latin Name: Rana Temporaria

Aka: European common frog, European common brown frog, European grass frog

Size: Length ranges from 6 - 10 cm, males tend to be smaller

Habitat: Ponds, lakes, meadows, woodland, marshes, grassland

Prey: Insects, slugs, snails, worms

Predators: Storks, birds of prey, crows, gulls, ducks, terns, herons, pine martens, stoats, weasels, polecats, badgers, otters, snakes


  • Most active during the night
  • Eyes contain a layer of tissue which allows them to see in the dark
  • Positioning of the eyes allows for a nearly 360 degree field of vision
  • Only detect high-pitched noises with their ears, low-pitched sounds are detected through the skin
  • Cold blooded - must bask in the sun to sufficiently warm the blood
  • Can lighten or darken their skin to match their surroundings
  • Can breathe through their skin as well as their lungs - this allows them to stay underwater for long periods of time
  • Must keep their skin moist or they risk suffocation - secrete mucus and remain nearby water sources
  • PM
    Prince Adrian Charming
     Posted: Dec 17 2017, 11:25 PM
    • Royalty (19)
    • The Frog Prince/Swan Lake
    • Valthan
    • “Oh please, don't ask me how I've been, don't make me play pretend”

    Prince Adrian Charming
     Posted: Dec 17 2017, 11:27 PM
    • Royalty (19)
    • The Frog Prince/Swan Lake
    • Valthan
    • “Oh please, don't ask me how I've been, don't make me play pretend”

    ~AdrianxPoppy Playlist~
    in a little bit of time, it won't hurt so bad
    sick of losing soulmates
    "I'm sick of losing soulmates
    Won't be alone again
    I can finally see
    You're as fucked up as me
    So how do we win?"
    if you were me
    frighened rabbit
    "I don't wish to be excused for this
    My disguise and my excuses,
    They have worn so thin
    May I ask, and answer honestly
    Oh, what would you have done if you were me?"
    space & time
    wolf alice
    "I hope my body gets better
    Do I mean my body or my mind?
    I hate the word 'forever'
    I hate the word 'change'
    I just need time"
    frightened rabbit
    "If I bend then I might not break
    I should think about giving in
    If I bend then it might be okay
    If we're thinking about how it ends"
    why do you feel so down?
    declan mckenna
    "Again, I know I'm not a very good friend
    Why do you feel so down?
    Sure, that's not something I'd stick around for
    Why do you feel so down?
    Oh god, I know you think I'm safe and sound, I'm not
    Why do you feel so down?"
    secret for the mad
    "You're not gonna believe a word I say
    What's the point in just drowning another day?
    And I get that I don't get it
    But the world will show you that you won't regret it"
    skip the youth
    frightened rabbit
    "If you find me, don't wake me
    I can't be shaken awake
    If you stare at the dark
    If you never feel bleak
    Life starts to lose its taste"
    visions of a life
    wolf alice
    "The skin on my bones is leather cold
    Poisoned my heart beats slow
    Fear of crashing and not coming back
    I'm a curse to my friends, to be condemned
    Mistakes I made and won't mend
    Fear of crashing and not coming back"
    it's happening again
    agnes obel
    "I swear it is true
    The past isn't dead
    It's alive, it is happening
    In the back of my head
    No future, no past
    No laws of time
    Can undo what is happening
    When I close my eyes"
    fake happy
    "I love making you believe
    What you get is what you see
    But I'm so fake happy
    I've been doing a good job of making them think
    I'm quite alright, better hope I don't blink"
    wolf alice
    "Curse the things that made me sad for so long
    Yeah, it hurts to think that they can still go on
    I'm happy now
    Are you happy now?"

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