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The Grimm's Book
you'll find everything important here in the grimm's book - the rules, the canon list, the plot, etc. Canons
3 3 Jun 28 2015, 10:37 PM
In: »  The Plot
By: J.M. Barrie
Extra Information
optional extra information on the lands and uncharted territories can be found here. here you will also find information on magic and how it functions on find the rabbit hole.
2 0 Sep 12 2015, 12:42 PM
In: »  The Map
By: J.M. Barrie
this is where important site-wide announcements will be located. these announcements will include: activity checks, site changes and more.
Subforums: Past Activity Checks

33 179 Feb 15 2018, 04:28 PM
In: »  Winter Check In
By: J.M. Barrie
so you've decided to join? awesome! just check here and you'll find the application template, and where you should post it.
Subforums: Finished Application, Work-In-Progress Applications

3 11 Jun 28 2015, 10:47 PM
In: »  The Application
By: J.M. Barrie
Character Archives
if a character has been accepted, they'll be moved here!
Subforums: Royalty, Nobility, Gentry, Pauper, Magical Beings, Neverlanders, Wonderlanders

55 84 Aug 1 2018, 02:56 PM
In: »  Hähnsen, Hyacinth
By: Kelly
Help and Suggestions
do you have an idea that could help to improve the site? pitch it at us! we'd love to hear your thoughts. here is also where you'll find a place to ask for an admin's help with anything moderation.
3 3 Dec 6 2016, 11:52 AM
In: »  Open Threads
By: Nic

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because of course half of the fun of roleplaying is plotting with with the other people out there! so come and post your shippers here!
9 137 Aug 12 2018, 11:21 AM
In: »  Quit These Pretentious Things
By: Skylark
World Building
Here you will find a variety of forums to assist you in understanding the plots occurring on the site and the world that our members have created. There are listed here established subplots, as well as a place to submit your own subplot. There is a forum for plotting new group plots/subplots here. There is also information on the many kingdoms we have built here and a place to submit your own kingdom information, should you develop a new kingdom.
Subforums: Kingdom Development, Subplots, Group Plotting

17 32 Jun 7 2018, 01:26 PM
In: »  The Attican Triad {WIP}
By: Serpent Queen Lanfen
Wanted Ads
need a character made for that awesome plot that you have in mind? then you better come and post up a wanted ad here! guest friendly!
Subforums: Completed Ads

30 70 May 17 2018, 12:02 AM
In: »  Burning House
By: Adelina Kingston
this is where you may write a letter from one character to another.
4 6 Nov 17 2017, 08:43 PM
In: »  Forgive Me...
By: Prince Adrian Charming
this is where any character development thread can be created. this includes but is not limited to: playlists, diaries, photo albums, etc.
Subforums: Trackers

34 99 Aug 5 2018, 06:54 PM
In: »  I've Got The Marks To P...
By: Gretel Morgenstern

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one of the five duchies of far, far away, faldor is the land that is currently governed by prince declan charming.
4 27 Aug 9 2018, 04:17 AM
In: »  hold your breath
By: King Declan Charming
one of the five duchies of far, far away, malthandia is the land that is currently governed by prince aidan charming.
5 32 Jul 24 2018, 03:10 AM
In: »  Come back, be here
By: Hansel Morgenstern
one of the five duchies of far, far away, carpathia is the land that is currently governed by prince tristan charming.
Subforums: The Magical Forest

3 22 May 1 2018, 07:48 PM
In: »  Sticks & Stones
By: Gretel Morgenstern
one of the five duchies of far, far away, valthan is the land that is currently governed by prince adrian charming.
4 22 Aug 4 2018, 09:17 PM
In: »  For Better Or For Worse
By: Prince Adrian Charming
one of the five duchies of far, far away, danthor is the land that is currently governed by prince christian charming.
2 5 Jul 5 2018, 10:29 AM
In: »  if we hit on troubled water
By: Prince Christian Charming

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The Veroma Isles
The Veroma Isles are a small island chain off the coast of Faldor. There is a ferry that will take you back and forth. It is full of trees and flourishing vegetation with rocky coast lines. It is currently ruled by the evil Queen Narcissa. Her stepdaughter Princess Snow White is currently fighting to take back her throne. Although a small nation, Veroma used to have a booming economy. Trade was a large source of income and the marketplace was always busy. Under it's current tyrannical rule Veroma is suffering and it's people are starving. With it's princess on the run, it's treasury empty, and the whole army mysteriously under the queen's control, there is no telling if Veroma will survive the war.
14 100 Aug 8 2018, 12:41 AM
In: »  Take Your Time
By: Eadric Strandt
A large island that had once been a faerie kingdom and refuge to the Olcame but following the death of Queen Mab five centuries ago, was left mostly abandoned. Though to this day, it still retains a wealth of fae creatures; from banshees to red caps to kelpies. The isle was adopted by humans for use in piracy and smuggling as a criminal safe haven and hideaway for stolen goods. Today, Lindisfarne is still a criminal refuge, rife with residents earning a less than honest fortune, but has built an organised society with many earning an honest living, and has grown to be a very formidable naval power. It is ruled by an upper council of Lindisfarne’s six most influential and has a lower council of representatives from every family on the isle. Truly on this island, it is not your past nor deeds that matter but what you can offer Lindisfarne. The main industries are copper mining, fishing, wool, shipbuilding, its famous whisky distilleries and not to forget, piracy.
2 15 Apr 5 2018, 09:29 AM
In: »  Better Than Yesterday
By: Crevan Eachann Sewell
Soest is ruled by the Hähnsen family and has been for generations upon generations. It's king and queen and their twelve daughters are beloved by it's people, and the castle is often busy through the night, hosting dinners and dances. It is a smaller country, to the north of Far Far Away. Because of it's location it has a colder climate. Winter is long but summer is warm and many varieties of flowers and other vegetation flourish here even through the cold.
2 18 Apr 27 2018, 09:11 PM
In: »  Silken Wind
By: Faery Prince Cailean
Camelot is a vast kingdom ruled over by King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. The lands for the most part are sprawling farmland, hills, fields and meadows, with dense forest covering large areas and numerous coves and cave systems dotting the landscape. Magic and magical creatures are rife here, as is destiny within the lives of its highborn residents. The economy is thriving and the land is protected by a formidable army and the famous Knights of the Round Table. Though once the lords and the land had been in a state of separation and turmoil in King Uther’s late reign, it has since been united under King Arthur and has been stable and peaceful for thirteen years under their monarchs’ just and fair rule. This kingdom-wide unity however does not quite extend to the country’s upper classes and there are many tales of betrayal and conflict hidden behind these castle walls.
9 78 Jul 28 2018, 04:53 PM
In: »  Make Believe
By: Queen Guinevere Pendragon
Nottingham is a kingdom in turmoil. In Nottingham there is a vast divide between the rich nobles and everyone else. There are no commoners anymore: in Nottingham you are either rich or poor. Corruption runs wild in Nottingham, with all of the rich becoming greedy and the poor becoming poorer. King John rules over the land with an iron rule, killing those who oppose him and severely punishing even the most minor crimes. However, in the Sherwood Forest there is hope, for that is where Robin Hood and his Merry Men make their home. Sherwood Forest is a vast and dangerous wooded area within Nottingham, it is dangerous because it is well protected by Robin and his men. No one wishing harm on Robin dare enter. In the middle of the forest is a hollowed out oak tree. That is where Robin and his men make their home.
Subforums: Sherwood Forest

2 18 May 18 2018, 08:12 PM
In: »  You Started A War You Can...
By: Robin Hood
Gwynedd has a long and fractious history. the land is mountainous, lying along a mountain range, and covered in the lowlands by conifer forests. dense woodland stretched through every valley, concealed the foot of every mountain. and there were rare sections of flatter land, rolling heathland blanketed in the faded violet of heather. It is currently ruled by King Gwillym of the dwarves.
1 7 May 18 2018, 08:03 PM
In: »  Small hopes
By: Eirwen Cariad Hatton
Sometimes called the Crystal Kingdom, Verremonde history is steeped in magic and bloodshed. Though many have described it as a land stolen from paradise, do not be fooled by its picturesque landscape. Life in this supposed promised land is ruthless; the weak are weeded out by the strong, and only the best survive the cut-throat ways of the people. Verremonde, above everything else, is known for producing the most learned magic-users in the known world. Apart from their students, magical and non-magical alike, the most popular products of this kingdom are diamonds and other precious stones mined from the treacherous mountain range that separates it from Wonderland. Once jointly ruled by three monarchs, Verremonde has now come under the rule of the last surviving royal family, the von Blaubarts. With High King Bluebeard as its sole monarch, the last ten years has since seen the kingdom, nay, empire of Verremonde expand three-fold in size and economy.
Subforums: Lorenzia, The Hercynian Forest

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In: ----
On the surface, the land of Elysia appears a perfect paradise. From its beautiful terrain to its prospering economy to its stable rule, but beneath lies a centuries old war between magic and those who fear it. The main settlements make up the human kingdom of Asphodel, a nation of great cities which heralds the art of science and invention, that has long harshly persecuted any magic user to step within its bounds. To the north, lies a great expanse of forest, one famously enchanted with a life of its own. Legend says that the trees don’t take kindly to those without magical blood and that hidden deep within their protection, lives an ancient race of powerful sorcerers known as the Hyperborea, ruled over by the Serpent King and his Queen. The two kingdoms have long been locked in a silent war, with the true ruler of all Elysia being a much contested title.
Subforums: Hyperborean Forest, Asphodel

1 3 May 18 2018, 11:00 PM
In: »  Paper Crown
By: Koschei Zilvine

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neverland is uncharted and undiscovered wilderness found within far, far away. neverland features the neverwood, nevva river, the pirates harbor, mermaid lagoon, pixie hollow and nevva city. street urchins, fugitives, thieves and others who never found home in the kingdoms of far, far away have found home among peter pan, pirates and indians within Neverland. ruled over by peter pan and captain hook.
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In: ----
wonderland begins in an area of dense woodland near valthan. wonderland is one of the more magical areas of uncharted territory. the vegetation within wonderland takes on a life of it's own. this land is constantly changing and is known for it's enigmatic refugees and rulers like the mad hatter and queen of hearts.
3 15 Jun 1 2018, 11:20 AM
In: »  You've Really Done It Now
By: Eris the Jabberwock
A kingdom rumoured to be found at the northern edge of the world, Nordheim was carved out of an icy wasteland by its rulers, the Nordskovs, some years ago. It is said that only the most desperate for sanctuary can find the kingdom by simply going north. Those who do wake to find themselves in the White Woods just outside of the Frozen Gates of Nordheim. Though the lands are vast, only a small part of it is inhabitable. Originally intended to be the home of the Nordskovs as granted to them by the faeries of the White Woods, recent years have seen Nordheim take in refugees of all races who sought sanctuary from the wars in their homelands. All peoples who reside here are expected to live in peace. Those who break the laws of the land are exiled and are forced to leave by crossing the Wasteland where none have ever survived.
1 0 Dec 17 2017, 11:22 PM
In: »  You Pray For Rain
By: Gerda Ingrid Nordskov
Most will know it simply as Fairyland. This is a land of legend, home to the fae, that few other eyes have ever seen or could ever hope to see. It has no true location and only faeries know how to freely enter and leave its magic borders. Though its boundaries work in an odd way, allowing entry to some others on occasion, especially those who are pure of heart or who are seeking assistance and most frequently on festival days; the solstices and equinoxes. The faeries within are mainly a benevolent and peaceful folk, excusing a few purely malevolent species known as the Olcame, though they will turn violent if threatened or disrespected. Elfame itself is a beautiful land; filled with vast expenses of meadows and woodland with gentle rivers and numerous cave systems. The land and the fae are ruled over by Queen Caitir Moire Gavenia.

2 3 Yesterday at 05:33 pm
In: »  Carved by waves and sunny days
By: Faery Queen Caitir
The White Woods
The faerie kingdom of the White Woods has known many names, many old and forgotten, but it is commonly called so for the white bark of its trees. Located in the furthest reaches of the north but just south of the gates of Nordheim, the creatures in the White Woods have lived in isolation for centuries and thus tend to be wary of newcomers. It is said that magical thresholds are scattered throughout the forest, created by the faeries themselves, not only as an easy means to travel between the faerie kingdoms but also so that all who seek help may find it in their home. However, the sanctuary is not as magnanimous as it may seem. After all, one can never be sure of the intentions of those who pass through the magical doorways. It is a lesson its residents are careful not to forget again. It is currently under the care and protection of the Faerie Prince Cailean.
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In: ----

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The Past
all threads that take place in the past can be played out here
8 61 Jul 31 2018, 09:06 PM
In: »  Wired Differently
By: Gaheris le Fay
The Future
all threads that take place in the future should be played out here
15 77 Yesterday at 06:34 pm
In: »  Lay Down Your Arms
By: Gretel Morgenstern
Alternate Universe
all alternate universe threads can be played out here
1 5 Apr 28 2017, 04:20 PM
In: »  Sometimes it hurts instead
By: Mordred Pendragon

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
this board is guest friendly, so feel free to drop on in and leave an ad for your site! rules are as follows: please post in the proper sub-forum. NO repeat ads! We are a one time only ad board. Please respect this. We won't post multiple times on yours. All ads that do not follow these rules will be deleted.
Subforums: Jcink/IF First Link, Proboards First Link, All Link Back, Accepted

1108 44 Yesterday at 08:05 pm
In: »  Mortals & Monsters
By: Guest_Emma
Games and Discussion
games and discussion is just what it sounds like - here you'll find the games both in character and out of character, as well as any general chat.
7 47 Sep 17 2017, 11:34 PM
In: »  six degrees of douglas booth
By: King Declan Charming
this forum is where all out-of-character art can be placed. graphic shops and coding shops can be found here. any creative endeavor that our members have can be posted in this forum.
4 27 Apr 18 2017, 10:35 AM
In: »  Cinnamon Roll Squad
By: Kenna
if you're going away, just let us know when and how long.
21 22 Aug 11 2018, 11:26 PM
By: Nic
this is where all finished threads, incomplete threads, denied applications, inactive application etc. will reside. if your character was dubbed inactive and the canon is still open and you'd like to return, pm an admin and we can move your application back for you.
Subforums: Inactive Characters and Shippers, Completed IC Threads, Inactive Threads

1333 3968 May 15 2018, 01:01 PM
In: »  Suitable cheaply tdlfl no p...
By: WizliamJAM

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